Seizure of Homeless Artist’s Prints an Exhibit of Injustice by City

Street Sheet, Oct. 1, 2018

Ronnie Goodman was arrested on 16th and Mission streets when he jumped on a Department of Public Works truck to retrieve 50 linocut pieces he created — and the rugs and boards he shelters himself with — that City workers seized. (more)


Costa Renting Not So High Under Prop. 10

Street Sheet, Sept. 14, 2018

A repeal of California’s Costa-Hawkins Act could happen if Proposition 10 passes. It would empower San Francisco to pass its own rent-stabilization laws and give residents a fighting chance to stay in their homes. (more)

An Aggressive Turn in Encampment Sweeps

Street Sheet, May 1, 2018

Mark Farrell’s abbreviated term as mayor will apparently be defined by one thing — the removal of tent dwellings from homeless San Franciscans. If so, that definitive moment came April 25, when otherwise unhoused people who have erected tents and other improvised shelters were swept out in the latest of street evictions. (more)